About Us

We're here for more than just cuts and colours.

For clients to look and feel their best, we need to make sure we offer the best - from our customer service to our skills with scissors.

The products we use are carefully chosen to offer premium performance in an environmentally-conscious way. Our main product ranges for shampoo, conditioner and styling - milk_shake, Wella weDo/ Professional and Dartmoor Skincare Co - are all made with natural ingredients.

We also dispose of our waste in an environmentally-conscious way. Ochre Hair Lounge are delighted to be part of the Green Salon Collective, which transforms waste from our industry into hairdressing tools, compost and more.

If you like to linger, natter, and generally spend your time with us as an afternoon off, feel free! We've got gorgeous pampering packages and friendly chatty stylists so treat yourself, relax and have fun.

If you're super-busy and struggle to fit in time for hair appointments, tell us when you book and we'll suggest one of our quieter, quicker stylists.

Whatever you need, just ask.


Really, do ask - you'd be surprised at what we can offer! There's so many 'little extras' that make your visit to Ochre Hair Lounge more than just a haircut.

If you're having a colour service or other treatment that means sitting looking at yourself in the mirror with an old magazine for half an hour... we do that differently! Move away from the styling chair to the comfort of our sofa, or sit at our lovely plant-filled table to read, use your mobile device, or even use your laptop and get some work done - we understand!

You're very welcome to plug in and charge up while you're here, and make use of our wifi too, of course.

Now, no visit to Ochre Hair Lounge is going to pass without you at least being offered a slice of delicious home-made cake. Home-made? Oh yes, by the boss' lovely husband! You don't have to indulge, of course, but it does go very well with a cuppa - and you're not going to say no to a cuppa, are you?

Enjoy getting a head massage? How about a hand massage? We have lovely products from the Dartmoor Skincare Co, and we love using them! Ask your stylist about it next time you're in.

At Ochre Hair Lounge, we care about more than just your hair.